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 Welcome to Torrent Falls. Please note that the number of spaces for vehicles and registered climbing are limited. Each registrant is valid for one vehicle only, and each group is asked to limit thier size to no more than 3 climbers. All individuals must sign a waiver before entering the property, and individuals not signing a waiver prior to entry will be considered to be trespassing. Please refer to the rules section for a more complete discussion of te requirements for access.
You must register the day of entry, there is no 'PRE-REGISTRATION' available

access to the registration page begins promptly at 6 am, and the hours of opertation are from 10am to 6pm. If you arrice prior to 10, the gate will not work, if you stay past 6, you risk getting locked in..." During the registration process you will receive two numbers, one is your gate entry code the other is your ID, print the second out or write it down and place it on your dash or other visible location in your vehicle or risk a tow; the two are NOT interchangeable … possession of the gate code does not allow parking, possession of an ID does not grant access … you must have both.


Requirements and Rules

  • You must know the license plate number and the state of issue (i.e. Kentucky, Ohio,etc) of the vehicle you will be using
  • You must have a pen and paper
  • Only one individual per group need register for the codes; the remaining members of the group may read the rules and sign a waiver by following the "Just want to visit" link in the upper left hand corner of the web page under the "Primary Tasks" section of the page.
  • You will receive a parking code which must be legibly written on a piece of paper and placed in an easily visible location on your dash, if the code and your entered plate number do not match you risk being towed.
  • Your gate entry code (not your parking code) will be emailed to your entered web address … you will need both codes to access the property, provide an accurate e-mail address.
  • One car per registration, any vehicle without a parking pass risks being towed, each pass number is good for only one vehicle.
  • No hammocks
  • No sport rappelling, whatever that is
  • No top-roping through the anchors
  • Strip your gear … anything left is booty unless specific arrangements have been made ahead of time with the property managers
  • Do not cross the property line with the Via Ferrata, this is in the rock house below the “Poopie Head” wall