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 Welcome to Torrent Falls. Please note that the number of spaces for vehicles and registered climbing are limited. Each registrant is valid for one vehicle only, and each group is asked to limit thier size to no more than 3 climbers. All individuals must sign a waiver before entering the property, and individuals not signing a waiver prior to entry will be considered to be trespassing. Please refer to the rules section for a more complete discussion of te requirements for access.
You must register the day of entry, there is no 'PRE-REGISTRATION' available

access to the registration page begins promptly at 6 am. During the registration process you will receive two numbers, one is your gate entry code the other is your ID, print the second out or write it down and place it on your dash or other visible location in your vehicle or risk a tow; the two are NOT interchangeable … possession of the gate code does not allow parking, possession of an ID does not grant access … you must have both.