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Torrent Falls' Rules

Please do not shortcut or stray from established trails. Many hours of work have gone into creating an environment that will allow the re-growth of the habitat around Kentucky's tallest waterfall. Access to Torrent Falls is limited in order to limit the environmental impact that overuse creates, please respect this request and register through this web site … if no slots are available consider climbing elsewhere.

In order to climb at Torrent Falls, you must follow some simple rules:

  • Climbing without being registered is STRICTLY prohibited.
  • Access to the property is limited to the hours of 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. unless specific permission for an extension has been granted by the owner of the property, Torrent Falls LLC, Robert Matheny, manager.
  • On your climbing day, you must register here at, This will give you an access code for the gate at the front of the property.
  • Do not park at the church. They will tow your car. Parking space is limited to 3 vehicles, parking is only allowed in the lower lot by the old wagon … park neatly. Do not block access to any of the cabins. Carpool
  • The top section of the registration receipt page MUST be printed off and placed visably on the front dashboard of your vehicle.
  • Misuse of receipts, or the registration system, will result in your car being towed and public ridicule heaped upon you.
  • Stay on trails and read, and obey, signs regarding limited access to areas.
  • Do not stray from established trails. Do not “short cut” through the woods. Do not damage any natural feature or vegetation, respect all barriers and do not cross.
  • No Pooping. You MUST use a WAG Bag or equivalent. There are no exceptions. Not even you. Dispose of human waste in accordance with “leave no trace” ethics, e.g. the use of “wag bags” for all fecal material, do not bury or otherwise leave “in situ”, similarly pack out and properly dispose of all litter including (but not limited to) food scraps. Do not urinate inside the drip line of any cliff; likewise do not urinate near or on any trail.
  • No Trundling allowed. Don't know what it is? find out and don’t do it.
  • No Fires. Even though you may see the fire-pit, YOU are NOT to build a fire.
  • No tent, car, or any other form of camping. Rent a cabin if you want to stay the night.
  • Access to and use of the Torrent Falls property is granted without charge pursuant to KRS 411.190. Those who wish to avail themselves of this opportunity must read and sign a waiver and agree to abide by the rules. Any individual not complying with this requirement will be considered to be trespassing and treated accordingly. All individuals accessing the property are warned that the property is not in any way maintained for access by the general public and that entry is undertaken expressly at the risk of individuals so choosing. Any individual wishing to hike, rock climb or otherwise make use of the property is warned that any of these activities carry with them the risk of serious injury and or death and that the individual so choosing is entirely and solely responsible for assessing the risk of any activity and will accept any and all consequences, good or bad, of such decisions. All artificial installations found on the property have been placed solely for the convenience of the owner of the property; any use of these installations is undertaken solely at the risk and discretion of the individual so choosing to utilize them. Any individual accessing the Torrent Falls property with pets will obtain permission from the manager of Torrent Falls LLC, Robert Matheny, and will assume any and all responsibility for the behavior of their animals as well their waste.
  • The gate at the drive is an automatic gate. The timer for gate closure is set for 10 seconds. Please allow for adequate time for each vehicle to exit to avoid damage to the gate or to your vehicle. Please do not give out the access code.
    Thank you


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